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Hatteras 42 LRC

Two versions were made. The Mark I version is a trunk cabin full displacement trawler built between Aug. 1976 and Oct.1978. The Mark II version was built Feb. 1980 to Jun. 1985. The Mark IIs have a full width aft cabin and L shaped galley.

Hatteras LRC 42 Mark I - 1976-1979
Article from January 17th 1977 Rudder Magazine  Article 1
Article from February 1977 Yachting Magazine   Article 2 

Hatteras LRC 42 Mark II 1980-1985
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Hatteras 48 LRC

Hatteras built the pilothouse 48 LRCs beginning Feb. 76 and ending Jun 81. Most of these seaworthy vessels had two staterooms but two were built with 3 staterooms.

Hatteras LRC 48 Pilothouse 
Hatteras Brochure - Brochure
Article from Motor Boating and Sailing Magazine - Article 


Hatteras 58 LRC

Hatteras built these very popular transatlantic 58 pilothouse trawlers. Beginning May 1975 and continuing until May 1985 

Hatteras LRC 58

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Hatteras 65 LRC

Hatteras build a bigger version of the successful LRC line starting in Jan. 1982. The last one was finished in Oct 1985, ending the LRC production at Hatteras.

Hatteras LRC 65
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