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HatterasLRC: 2017 Rendezvous in Victoria

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  Hatteras Long Range Cruisers For Sale
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Hatteras 48LRC - "Classic Cyn" - 1977

Seller: Cindy BonDurant
Phone: 434-660-1430
Location: Monroe Harbor Marina - Sanford, FL
150 miles south of Jacksonville, FL on the St. John's River.

Price: $227,000

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The Hatteras LRC Club mailing list is up and running with LRC'ers asking lots of questions about the boats. Its great fun to get email from boats from all over the world.

To sign up send an email to mvskooch@gmail.com, include your name and your email address. Members only please, this list is not public and can only be read by LRC Club Members. Messages cannot be accessed by Google or any other search

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